Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mandolin?

Mandolin is a live concert streaming platform built to recreate the live concert experience by connecting artists and music venues with their fans.

Where is the email with my ticket?

If you did not receive an email, no need to worry. You can create an account at using the same email you purchased your tickets with, you will see the show in your account on the "My Shows" page. 

  • Tickets for each show will be generated 1 to 5 days prior to the show. 

How do I watch the show on my TV?

Mandolin is directly accessible via internet browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

To view your show on your TV you need the following

  1. A computer, smartphone or tablet to with internet access
    • Login to your Mandolin account and start the show
  2. A compatible smart TV or smart TV device (i.e. Apple TV, Chromecast Device, etc.) to watch the stream on.

Alternatively, you can view the show on your TV by connecting an HDMI chord from your computer to your TV (this is only applicable to computers with HDMI ports).

I purchased a ticket but can't access the show – help!

Double-check that the email you used to sign in to the show is the same email that you claimed your ticket with. You can only access the show by using that email address. 

Will there be a replay of the show?

All events are exclusively live events.

  • Replays of your show will be available at the discretion of the presenter.
  • If a replay is available, you access the replay by clicking "Watch Show" on the show on your "My Shows" page. 

Why can't I send a chat message?

You should see an area to input your message (reads "positive vibes...") at the bottom of the comment/chat section. Once you have finished typing your message, press enter and this will send your message. 

  • If you have issues sending the message, try refreshing your browser. Mandolin is available on most browsers but works best with Chrome and/or Safari. 

How can I access the show on a different device? 

You must use the same email address you used to claim your ticket to view the show on a different device.

My show keeps freezing – what do I do?

  1. Refresh your show page
    • Ensure you are using the latest version of your browser
    • Mandolin is available on most browsers but works best with Chrome and/or Safari.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to your network/wifi and ensure you have a strong connection

How can I edit my Mandolin profile?

Click HERE.

How can I reset my password?

Click HERE.

My screen is black – help!

We recommend refreshing the page if you have not done so yet as you may be experiencing a glitch. If not, it could be your browser. We recommend the latest version of Chrome or Safari.

Why can't I hear any audio?

Concerts are automatically muted when first entering the show. Hover your cursor over the video until you see the sound icon. Click the icon to unmute the concert.

  • Additionally, if you hover your cursor over the sound icon, you can control the volume level using the volume control located to the left of the sound icon.



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